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Jason Baird started training in Martial arts at age 5. He gained his 1st degree Black belt aged 10 and won his first World title at age 11. Jason opened Jason Bairds Black belt academy in 2002 aged just 17. After retiring from competing after winning 18x World titles Jasons main focus was and still is to impact as many people as possible through the benefits that Martial arts brings. The JBBBA academy has a massive amount of space for all the family to train in and we now also have the feature of online classes to make sure we can keep everyone fit, active, healthy and motivated where ever you live. We teach a mixed style of martial arts fused from karate, kickboxing and boxing for all age groups and focus highly on developing key life skills such as confidence and self esteem. We are are than just a club we are the JBBBA Family.


Jason Baird


Andrew Baldock



Lianne Maguire


My son has been training with Jason Baird's Black Belt Academy ltd for just over 3 years now. He has some learning difficulties and finds it quite hard to concentrate and focus most of the time. This has resulted in him being asked to leave other clubs. Jason and Andrew are very patient with him. They know when its a bit louder he needs his ear defenders and they warn him in advance. The squat members they have have also been great with him and help explain things a but more clearly to him. This is the only thing he has stuck with he started as a tiny tiger white belt and is now a brown belt. He loves it there and we would highly recommend the academy to any one thinking of joining

Gareth Ellor


Since Logan has started at JBBBA his technique, balance, strength and co-ordination has come on a treat. When he is on the mats training he zones in and focuses on the coaches. The coaches are amazing from start to finish both on and off the mats. Due to lockdown we have moved to zoom and online videos, which hasn’t stopped Logan training he still tries and gives his best. Jason and the coaches have gone above and beyond to get the kids back training one way or another. Massive shout out to you coaches 👍🏻 100% recommend joining JBBBA.

Jen Malone


I have a 10 year old and a 13 year old boy who have been attending the academy for almost 3 years. They are now both brown belts. I started them at the academy to build their confidence and to help them defend themselves if they ever needed to. I can 100% say that both boys have come on a million percent with their confidence. Their skills, mindset, flexibility, confidence and friendships have grown massively! I'm so, so glad that my boys joined and continue to thrive at Jason Baird's Black Belt Academy. Thank you!

Emma Pelling


Our son Alfie has been attending JBBBA for almost 3 years. Our reason for starting Alfie here was mostly because he was struggling to control his temper. Because of his temper, he would then struggle with friendships and confidence. As my nephew Billy was already a member of JBBBA, my sister Claire offered to take Alfie for a free trial session.....He absolutely loved it!!! We signed Alfie up and I can honestly say it was the best decision ever!! Hes had a few ups and downs but he never gave up....Normally that would be the first thing Alfie would do!! 3 years on, Alfie is now a Brown belt, has confidence, self control and he has also made an amazing friendship with another boy of a similar age and also same belt called Jack Malone. These two boys together are very much the opposite of each other yet they have such an amazing bond. Jack has been just as much of an inspiration and support for Alfie as much as Jason, Andrew and the rest of the coaches For anyone who has a child who is struggling with anything or even yourself, then I highly recommend JBBBA, you won't be disappointed. 😄

Souly A Haque


Jason Bairds black belt academy has been been fantastic for both my children. The coaches are amazing my daughter specially has come on so much since starting she really struggled with balance due to low muscle function even her consultant said the difference in strength and balance is shocking as she has improved so much. The confidence in both my children is lovely to see. We love being a part of the JBBBA family it has truly been god send for us. The zoom classes and online training has been great way of training at home during lockdown.

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Jason ran 50miles

Jason runs 50 miles

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